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Indian Polo Association Rules & Regulations (Explanatory Notes)

  1. Playing Facilities : The field should be clearly marked at the centre with a T and at all boundaries where there are no side boards and the edges and centre of the 30, 40, and 60 yard lines at each end of the field.
    1. The surface of the field should be grass cut smooth and short enough for the ball to roll straight and easily.
    2. The referee, the time keeper and the scorer should be provided a suitable (preferably elevated) vantage point along the side at the centre of the field so that their vision of the game will not be impaired.

  2. Standard Equipment for Players: Although not required by rules other standard equipment usually includes knee-length brown boots, white breeches and protective knee guards.

  3. Equipment for Umpires: Too often there is a wide variance in uniforms worn by umpires. For case of identification and safety reasons, the following uniform is preferred for umpires.
    1. Canary or white breeches (not jeans or chaps)
    2. Black and White vertical stripe shirt, long or short sleeved.
    3. Suitable cap or hat is optional. (A cap is to be preferred). Straw or flat wide brimmed, "Cowboy" or planter style hat should not be worn for safety reasons. A wide brimmed hat may blow off either scaring a horse or causing unnecessary delay while it is being retrieved.
    4. Good audible whistle and ball bag for each umpire, pick up sticks are optional.
    5. For goal judges : white surcoat or shirt.

  4. Changing of Mounts: It is mandatory to bandage, gaiter or put Boots on all four legs of a mount. Any type of bridle or saddle or none at all may be used provided the tack is not dangerous and the mount is under proper control. However, English tack is generally used. Two sets of reins are advisable for safety.

  5. Changing Mallets: A player should never be allowed time out for the purpose of replacing a dropped or broken mallet.
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