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  1. Playing Arena

    1. A playing area of 300 feet in length by 150 feet in width is considered ideal for Arena Polo. The indicated minimum size is 150 feet in lengthby 75 feet in width; this size would only be suitable for two-a-side.

    2. Goals shall be centred at opposite ends of the Arena and shall be 10 feet in width by 12 feet in height, inside measurement. In smaller arenas the goal size may be reduced, but not to less than 8 feet in width by 10 feet in height. Arena polo is normally played in arenas with kneeboards and gates enclosing them. Goals painted on the kneeboards do not make satisfactory goals as they do not mark a goal line across which the ball must pass. Goal boxes, as shown in the sketch, in height equal to the kneeboards may be used.Although arenas with open ends, goal line and goal posts are not favoured , it would suggest that Rules 8, 10, 11 and Penalty 6 as provided in the Official Outdoor Rules be followed with the exception that the free hit called for in Penalty 6 be taken 25 yards from the goal line
    3. Arenas should be clearly marked on each side, at the half way mark and also the 15 and 25 yard points
  2. Balls

The ball shall be not less than 12.5 or more than 15 in circumference and the weight not less than 170 grams or more than 182 grams. In a bounce test from 9 on concrete at 70 degrees F, the rebound shall be a minimum of 54 and maximum of 64 at the inflation rate specified by the manufacturer. This provides for a hard and lively ball. Diag

Diagram 1


Arena Polo Rules

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